The Morris-Essex IMA Chapter’s Mission Statement

Provide a forum for education, knowledge sharing, practice development, research, and the advocacy of the highest ethical and best business practices in management accounting and finance in the Morris, Essex, and surrounding counties of New Jersey.

The Morris-Essex IMA Chapter’s Strategic Vision:

Impart an informed, valued, professional, and fun experience to all our members, which meets and exceeds their needs and expectations in these areas:
       Certification and preparation for CMA exam
       Continuing professional education, training, and development
       Leadership development
       Networking and public relations with other professional members

Grow regular membership through corporate development, academic relations, and referrals from satisfied members.

How and why we achieve and support our mission and vision:

The Morris-Essex IMA Chapter does this with participation of each of our members making the success of our mission possible by:
          Actively promoting and publicizing the CMA designation and activities to achieve it
          Maintaining regular communications with many old and new corporations of all sizes plus other organizations in our area to create value for them from our peer network, sharing industry best practices and experiences, access to career opportunities, providing educational and training programs to advance professional knowledge, increasing leadership potential, and making business contacts for a life-time
          Maintaining regular communications with faculty and students at many colleges and universities in our area to create value for them through student chapters, advocacy for the profession, leading-edge research and industry best practices, and student internship possibilities as well as developing life-long professional contacts and friendships
          Holding monthly professional development meetings about current accounting and financial topics with experienced and knowledgeable speakers to satisfy CPE requirements, and an opportunity to network with other professionals and students about professional experiences and career opportunities
          Creating periodic professional development events and sessions, Controller’s conferences, career development opportunities, and more
          Constantly looking for evolving or new alternatives and opportunities to add professional development products, which will benefit and help our member’s careers in accounting and finance
          Maintaining for members and potential members an attractive, current, helpful, and informative website and groups on social media sites including LinkedIn and facebook, and
          Producing for members and potential members an attractive, current, helpful, informative monthly newsletter and electronic roster book.

About the Profession

The vast majority of accountants and financial professionals—80%, in fact—work inside businesses and organizations.  Their work is essential to financial management, organizational development, and the achievement of strategic goals.  While external auditing is a very visible part of the accounting profession, sound internal finance and accounting operations are essential for the proper functioning of any organization.

The roles and responsibilities of internal accountants and financial professionals include:
            Managing functions that are critical to business performance
            Supporting organizational management and strategic development
            Providing accurate and insightful information for better decisions
            Ensuring that organizations operate with integrity and proper governance
            Planning for the long-term and helping to ensure sustainability
            Safeguarding the interests of the organization and its key stakeholders

IMA provides advocacy and support for the professionals who perform these vital functions within businesses.