Why volunteer in IMA?


When you volunteer to be an IMA leader you immediately gain opportunities to learn and practice organization and leadership skills, build a strong and lasting professional network and contribute to the vitality of the management accounting and finance profession. 



IMA service offers a supportive and low - risk environment for learning and refining new skills through:

  Progressive learning and experience working on projects, committees, or leadership positions with not-for-profit boards at various levels of the IMA organization worldwide;

  Increasing confidence and self-esteem as leader, communicator, and management accounting or finance professional through problem solving, idea sharing, and decision making with other professionals.

  Opportunity to grow in critical leadership skills such as public speaking, setting goals, motivating and inspiring others;

  Learning through taking risks and pursing your ideas without long-lasting negative impact on your current job/career; 


Professional Relationships

IMA service fosters development of a network of trusted working relationships with other professionals over a sustained period through:

  Demonstrating skills, knowledge and abilities to a broader professional network which can lead to career growth;

  Gaining recognition and visibility in the business community through volunteer activities;

  Creating mentor/mentee relationships with others at different career stages in the management accounting and finance profession;

  Building professional and personal relationships - get to know others at a more significant level;

  Gaining diverse insights into the profession – it culture, issues, opportunities, and paths to success.


Supporting the Management Accounting Profession

IMA service adds value to the local and global finance and accounting community through:

  Creating opportunities for education and networking;

  Advocating professionalism and promoting IMA and its programs in the local academic and professional communities;

  Becoming an active participant in setting the profession’s agenda – accounting standards, small business concerns, professional certification, technology trends, and innovative research

  Serving outside of IMA at a higher and more significant level - e.g., COSO, FASB task force on Financial Reporting for Private Companies, IFRS.


Your career is a portfolio of opportunities – become an active manager.   IMA leadership puts you in a position to acquire unique opportunities, skill, and experiences.   All it takes is enthusiasm for your profession, and a little initiative to give yourself an opportunity that many others simply let pass. 


prepared by the IMA Member Relations Committee

Ron Luther, subcommittee chair